how to furnish your baby's nursery

how to furnish your baby's nursery

What You Need To Know About Choosing A Sectional Sofa

by Rodney Johnston

Most people have strong opinions about sectionals; they are either crazy about them or hate them. If you are among the sectional-obsessed, you are not alone. Sectional sofas have increased in popularity the last several years and show no signs of going out of style anytime soon. If you are in the market for a sectional, be well-prepared before you buy by following the tips and guidelines below.

Your Space

Sectionals are ideal for smaller spaces, since they come in a large variety of configurations and sizes. Having a lot of pieces in a room, such a sofa, a couple of chairs, etc makes the room look crowded and cluttered. A sectional will take the place of several smaller pieces, creating a visually unifying look and expanding the feel of your room.

Measuring your room and making a layout plan are vital. With these measurements and layout in hand, you will be able to more quickly and accurately narrow down the multitude of choices when you begin shopping for your sectional. Graph paper comes in handy for your drawing, but free and fun-to-use room planning tools are also available online.

A sectional sofa will undoubtedly be the largest piece of furniture in any room, so plan accordingly. The walking route between two doors or openings in your room is called a traffic pattern. You want to make sure that you don't block traffic areas so you should ideally leave at least 24" of space to pass through the room, but 30" to 48" is better for major traffic routes.


You can find any number of design configurations available, but the the options listed below are the most common. A word of warning about a potentially confusing issue. When shopping you may see or hear the terms "right facing" and "left facing." To help you understand the meaning of these terms, you should imagine yourself standing in front of the sectional, facing it, not sitting on it. So a right-facing arm would be on the right when you are facing it, and a left-facing chaise would be on your left when facing it.

L shape sectionals are one of the most commonly seen types of sectionals and consist of sofa and a loveseat with the corner being occupied by a corner piece. Keep in mind that in this configuration the corner piece is virtually useless if the other seats are occupied, since the unlucky guest stuck sitting in the corner has nowhere to put their legs. Look for corner pieces that are more wedge shaped, allowing you to seat someone in that section. An L shape with a chaise instead of a loveseat results in a casual and comfortable variation on this type of sectional.

U shapes are wonderful for socializing and conversation, but generally require more space, so measure carefully.

Modular pieces allow you to custom design your own look and are perfect for hard-to-fit room situations.

With these guidelines in mind you should be ready to begin the fun part; shopping for your new sectional sofa. Contact XL Furniture for more information.


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how to furnish your baby's nursery

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