how to furnish your baby's nursery

how to furnish your baby's nursery

Protective Packaging 101: Picking The Right Void Fill

by Rodney Johnston

Whether you're shipping an item across the state or across the world, picking the right void fill for your package can mean the difference between damaged goods and a perfect product. When choosing the appropriate void fill, it helps to know what kinds of void fill are available and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Below are just a few void fill options for people who need to protect the items they ship. 

Crumpled Paper

Crumpled craft paper is a good void fill for non-fragile and semi-fragile items. In general, the heavier the item, the more tightly the craft paper needs to be packed into the box. Crumpled craft paper is good for irregularly shaped items because it can easily be formed to fit around the item being shipped. Craft paper is also eco-friendly, which means that's it's one of the preferred void fill options for environmentally-conscious shippers and consumers.

Craft paper does have some downsides. It's a little bit heavier than some other void fill options (like inflatable packaging), so in packages that require a lot of void fill, crumpled paper can weigh down the box and increase shipping costs. 

Inflatable Packaging

Perhaps one of the best qualities about inflatable packaging is that it's extremely lightweight, so it can easily be used to fill relatively large empty spaces without having a big impact on the weight of the package. The downsides of inflatable packaging all come back to the fragility of the void fill itself. Sharp items can pop inflatable packaging, and heavy items can push it around, and that can reduce its protective qualities. Inflatable packaging is best used for lightweight items that simply need to be held in place, but which are not terribly fragile. 

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are a loose void fill packing material that can be used to hold bulky objects in the center of a box. Packing peanuts are less effective to hold flat items in place because the packing peanuts can be pushed aside so that the item being shipped is up against the edge of the box.

Packing peanuts are messy and difficult to clean up when pulled out of the box, and they're often petroleum based, which means they're not environmentally friendly. This is why some companies are starting to manufacture packaging peanuts from paper or rice products. These products have the advantage of being less slippery and are also environmentally friendly. 

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how to furnish your baby's nursery

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